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5 Tips To Foster Customer Loyalty With Personalized Customer Service


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As the saying goes, the customer is king. And as entrepreneurs know, loyal customers are the life-blood of any business.

If you’ve been trying a one-size-fits-all approach to customer service and not seeing any real results in terms of loyalty, it’s time to get personal.

Personalized customer service is powerful.

You may have built a great team, but if your customers feel like they’re dealing with a faceless company they’re not going to connect with you and offer their loyalty.

Here are 5 tips to reward your customers and help them choose your business time after time.

1. Give your customers a name, not a number
Customers want to feel like they matter!

If you had a physical store, your staff would quickly get to know their regular customers. They’d use their name, get to know their preferences, and deliver a personalized service.

If you apply the same principles in the e-commerce world you’ll make a positive impact on customer loyalty. 

2. Write an old fashioned note
As you build your business, you’re naturally going to automate as much as you can to keep costs down and be as efficient as possible.

But consider handwriting a note or a card once in a while and send them to your VIPs and loyal customers.

You could mark an anniversary or a holiday and sign it yourself or have your customer service advisors do it. Small but personal gestures help your customers to feel recognized and they’ll be impressed that you took time out to think of them.

3. Authorize your agents
Make sure your CRM system empowers your agents to offer a personalized service.

Customers don’t want to feel like an order number on a computer. So if agents have all the customer’s information to hand when they call it will instantly elevate the relationship.

Consider too, allowing trusted and high-performing agents the power and budget to resolve issues and reward loyalty themselves. After all, they’ll know more about your customers than you do.

Small personal gestures don’t cost much but the value in rewarding loyalty can be huge.

4. Offer rewards exclusively to loyal customers
Think of ways you can offer a special reward or a free product to loyal customers. Just because.

It’ll be your way of saying, ‘Thanks for your continued custom, this one’s on the house.’

5. Listen to feedback and act on it
If a customer makes a suggestion or highlights a problem and you acted on it, let them know. Customers feel invested in a business when their feedback has been actioned.

Make sure you acknowledge their contribution to improvements personally, maybe through a thank you note, account credit, or a social media post crediting them.

You’ll strengthen your business and boost customer loyalty by letting your customers know that their feedback matters to you.

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