10 Reasons to Offer Live Chat Support in 2022


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In modern times, customer service depends on personalization. customers want a personalized service at their convenience, and with how businesses run these days, it’s often necessary. But can take time to deliver personalized and personal customer service, especially if customers don’t want to pick up the phone or hang around waiting for an email reply. 

Enter live chat support, which is a way for customers to get near-instant help via a messaging platform on the website of the business they’re dealing with. Here are 10 reasons live chat support is exactly what businesses need in 2022. 

10 reasons to offer live chat support

  1. Immediate customer support

Immediate support gives customers a satisfaction that cannot be matched. It doesn’t feel great to want to speak to someone and then have to wait for an email reply or spend lots of time on the phone. 

With live chat support, customers have immediate access to the information that they need to fix a problem that they have. This leads to more satisfaction, interest, and a higher opinion of your brand. 

  1. Scalability

Live chat support enables customer service agents to help a large number of clients (even at the same time) without the need for a lot of training or new software. 

The skills needed to serve customers don’t differ much from email or phone support, which means that there isn’t the need for a lot of company resources (time, money, effort) to implement live chat support.

Because of how simple implementing it is, scaling live chat support up or down is easy and seamless.  

  1. Improved customer acquisition and onboarding

Customers can need support for many reasons, either pre- or post-sales. Before a sale happens, they might need to know additional information before committing to purchasing a product. In this case, the information that you can provide them coupled with how fast you give it to them are often the push that they need to make purchases. 

  1. Improved customer rapport

Live chat support can help your customers feel more connected to either the CS agent that they’re speaking to and/or your brand itself. Your customers will feel listened to and valued.

For example, in the case of after-sales support, live chats can mean that the customer doesn’t leave a negative review or end up disliking the brand because they had their problem solved in a timely manner.

  1. Improved customer service team productivity

Live chat support means that your team can do so much more with their time. 

Because of the way that live chat works, your customer service team can help customers a lot faster than they would be able to over email or the phone. They can also serve multiple customers at once, again unlike email and phone support. 

  1. 24/7 support

Another massive benefit of live chat support is the availability. With some careful planning, you can even have 24/7 coverage. If you can’t have staff for your live chat support at all hours, there are also AI options or a self-help knowledge base that could be made available for your customers. 

  1. An edge over the competition

Not every business offers a live chat option to their customers, and sometimes those that do aren’t very good at it. This gives you another opportunity to gain an edge over the competition: who would your customer rather purchase from, your competitor that only offers phone support, or your business that offers lightning-fast replies?

  1. Increased accessibility

Some customers can’t speak over the phone when they need customer support, for a variety of reasons. They might be mute, in a crowded, noisy place, or have anxiety and not like talking to people on the phone. Additionally, customers might not be proficient enough in a language to speak it over the phone (but can use google translate or even built-in translators online).

Live chat support circumvents all of these problems for increased accessibility. 

  1. Lower costs

It’s far easier to have customer support agents answering queries on live chat rather than over the phone or via email as it’s so much quicker and they can answer multiple queries at a time. This leads to lower customer support costs.

  1. Long-term relationships

Satisfied customers are loyal to the brands that they love, and if your brand gives them something as special and gratifying as immediate, comprehensive customer support – then you’d best believe that you can enjoy many long-term customer relationships. 


Live chat support is just one of the many things that SheHelps can offer you. We’re a done-for-you, world-class customer service provider that will completely handle all of your customer support needs, 24/7. 

Live chat, phone, email support – we’ve got it covered. You don’t have to spend a single second worrying about any of that when you work with us because we’re your advocate and will take care of that part of your business so that you can do exactly what only you can and want to do!

Get in touch with us for more information, or to start boosting your productivity with SheHelps today!

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